Friday, November 4, 2011

30 Days of Holiday Cards - Day 9: Winter Wrapping

Today's card features an image of my painting "Winter Wrapping". 

That's right, I said the W word.  As far as I'm concerned Winter always comes too early and stays too late.  My local meteorologist started talking about snow in the forecast on the news today and I turned off the television in disgust and denial.

Still there are a few good things about Winter.  The Holidays, for one.  Also, it gives me a break from gardening.  There are times in the middle of summer when I am sweating and being bitten by bugs while pulling up weeds obviously planted by evil fairies that I will say to myself, "remember this when you feel tempted to complain about Winter."  Of course, I complain anyway.

But the best thing about Winter and the cooler, cold, frigid, arctic weather is the opportunity to adorn yourself with winter fashion accessories.  I have always loved hats, scarves and gloves, I think because I relish the opportunity to color coordinate just about anything.  When I was a kid I would say I wanted to go out and play in the snow just as an excuse to wear my new pink hat or purple scarf.  Then I would stay outside about five minutes.  Seriously, they expected me to play with snow?  That stuff is wet and cold!

So, whether it is a stylish coat, a soft sweater or a cozy blanket, I hope you enjoy your Winter wrapping this year and that it keeps you warm and comfortable until Spring finally arrives again.

"Winter Wrapping" Art
"Winter Wrapping" Art by Victoriart
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