Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Blog and Job Title Change

When I gave myself the title “Slave To The Muse” it was an effort to free myself. It was my permission slip to give myself over to the creative impulses I had previously feared were frivolous, strange or selfish and exalt them to priority status. However, the title itself was indicative of this struggle and the fact that I had a long way to go in understanding my relationship with the forces of creativity. Clearly, calling myself a “Slave To The Muse” implied a lack of awareness of the rewards of regular creative practice. The point was to commit to that practice regardless of outcome or rewards and yet, as I discovered along the way, the rewards were many.

Obviously, I don't regret giving myself such a title as it proved to be a very effective tool for me but I do feel that I have outgrown it. In accordance with this and my new and better relationship with my muse I will no longer be referring to myself as a slave to the muse and this will no longer be the slave to the muse blog (it is now the I Believe In Art blog).

I would also like to acknowledge here that using the term slave may not have been the most politically correct or sensitive choice I have ever made. Hopefully it is obvious to my readers that the concept and practice of human slavery is something that goes against everything I stand for and believe in.

I was recently reminded that although slavery is now illegal everywhere in the world, it still exists in many forms and in many places. For more information and to learn how you can help, please visit FreeTheSlaves.Net or AntiSlavery.org

Thank you for reading and for your encouragement and support throughout my creative journey.

Peace, Love and Art,

Victoria Lynn Hall