Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas Time At The Cabbage 2012

Holiday Chalkboard Art

I am breathing a sigh of relief today as I finally feel that portion of the Holiday Season that I call "Stressmas" is winding to a close.  I have finished my shopping, my cards and packages have all been sent and, though I am tempted to keep tweaking and adding things, I have decided that I have decorated The Cabbage enough for one Holiday (more pictures below).

So from our home to yours, Hippie and I would like to wish everyone a very Happy Holiday season.  

Do Not Unravel Before Christmas Extra Large Mug

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree? Not so much.

The first time he caught me doing it he was shocked and dismayed but over the years Hippie has come to accept that it is for my own happiness that I listen to my Barry Manilow “A Christmas Gift Of Love” CD, and he's okay with it just as long as I do it when he's not around and he doesn't have to know about it.

Everyone knows that I love Rock and Roll enough to put a million dimes in the jukebox, baby. However, when it comes to Holiday music, I mostly prefer the classics and the crooners over anything rocking and rolling. The first Holiday CD I listen to each year is my “Andy Williams Personal Christmas Collection” followed closely by Sinatra's "A Jolly Christmas", various other oldies but goodies and, of course, Barry.

I do sometimes like albums by rock artists who cover classic songs or perform originals that stick to traditional themes. I love, love, love "Heart Presents A Lovemongers Christmas" (Ann Wilson singing Ave Maria is almost too beautiful to stand) and I have to say that Kenny Loggins does some credible crooning on his album, “December”. Yet, you are not going to catch me listening to the Lynyrd Skynyrd Holiday CD that Hippie misguidedly put in my stocking one year, nor is any sort of death metal Christmas mosh pit anywhere in my future.

Of course there is some Holiday music that Hippie and I can agree or at least compromise on. For example, Elvis Presley's "If Every Day Was Like Christmas" has the rock cred Hippie requires while still being crooning enough for me. We are also both fond of a compilation called “Winter, Fire and Snow” which has a song called, “Christmas Must Be Tonight” by Robbie Robertson that is a personal favorite of ours. And there is a more alternative collection called, “Maybe This Christmas Tree” that I don't hate and has one or two gems that I really enjoy listening to.

Still, while the Hippie Husband is away, this wife will play her Barry Manilow, loudly, and sing along without shame because that's just how I roll (and not so much rock) during the Holidays.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Painting and Priorities

A Message From My Muse

If you have seen any of my Facebook or Twitter updates lately you may know that, after somewhat of a creative block where my easel was concerned, I am back to painting again. This makes me very happy but what I am discovering is that all painting and very little chore tending makes Victoria's house kind of messy. But you know what? I'm going to keep painting anyway.

My TiVo is almost full, I have had to return books that I didn't finish reading back to the library, my to do list keeps getting longer (the one in my head because I haven't taken the time to write it down), and there are a thousand other things that I have forgotten to or I want to or think I should or think that other people think I should be doing. I'm not even sure if the last part of my previous sentence made sense but I am not going to worry about it because you know what? I need to get back to painting.

This is what it means to be a slave to the muse. I don't recommend it for everyone. I do recommend, however, that whatever your passion is in life, you make as much time for it as you possibly can.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Garden In Progress: Autumn

The Entrance To My Garden In Autumn

Autumn would be a perfect time for getting some gardening done...if I wasn't so busy with other things.  I got a little work done last month and soon will be bringing in most of the statues and other decorations.  Everything else can wait for spring.  By then I am sure I will have new dreams and plans and hopefully renewed energy for this garden in progress.

I hope you enjoy these photos I have taken of my yard and garden in Autumn:

St. Francis surrounded by Mums

Autumn Offerings

Autumn Enchantment

Zinnia Patch

Autumn Irises

November Roses

Gate closed

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

30 Days of Holiday Cards Revisited

Last year around this time I began a project for this blog called "30 Days of Holiday Cards".  It started out as a way to take inventory of my card designs and share a little more information about them with you.  It ended up becoming somewhat of a different experience than I had intended, bringing up thoughts, feelings and remembrances from my past that I had not expected.  It was quite the learning experience for me and, while I don't think any of these posts would rival Dickens in any universe, I like to believe they helped me find my voice as a blogger (though that is still an ongoing process).

I would like to do a similar project again someday but with so much already on my plate, now is not the time.  Instead I thought it would be a good time to revisit 30 Days Of Holiday Cards.  I will be tweeting out and sharing these posts on Facebook once again in the next 30 days or so and I am also providing a little table of contents below so anyone can skip ahead or find one they missed or particularly liked.

Thank you so much for reading and your comments are always appreciated.