Thursday, July 21, 2011

An Artist's Life (The Beginning)

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I would love to be able to say I was born an artist but according to my Mother, I have not always been a creative person. The story goes that, during parents night at my elementary school, my first grade teacher told both my mother and father that I was too serious of a child. She suggested that they buy me some art supplies and encourage me to be more creative. Needless to say, they followed her advice and thus began my creative life (as well as my art supply addiction!).

I don't have a clear memory of these events but I don't doubt this story is true. In fact, I still encounter that far too serious child at times within me. Every time I do I want to find that teacher and go give her a big hug. If it wasn't for her I quite honestly believe I would have sunk down into the depths of existential despair long ago.

Creativity is my therapy, my religion, my sustenance and my calling. Of course, living a creative life is not without it's challenges but more about those some other time.  For now let me just say, thank you Mrs. W., wherever you are, for introducing me to “An Artist's Life”.