Thursday, June 16, 2016

Paint Happens (And What I Do About It)

Paint Happens To Shoes

Paint Happens.  If you're an artist, you know what I'm talking about.  You didn't mean for it to happen, you don't even know exactly how it happened, but there it is: paint on the floor or the walls or yourself or the cat or any number of places.  So what do you do?

Well, first of all I want to say that it's okay with me if you do absolutely nothing and just be your paint splattered self as you continue on your creative journey in your paint splattered garb, surrounded by your paint splattered world.  However, if you find that you do want to tidy up a bit, here's some ways I get (or attempt to get) acrylic paint out or off of things like...

Paint Happens To Hands

1. Hands

This is the easy one.  Soap and water usually work pretty good.  For dried on, caked on paint (the best kind) it helps if the soap has some kind of exfoliating agent in it.  I use Brown Sugar Oatmeal Soap by Bubble Owl Soap on Etsy.

 Cruelty Free, Artisan Crafted, Plant Based Bubble Owl Soap

2. And Other Body Parts

To quickly remove paint from my hands or elbow or big toe or whatever while I'm working, I keep some exfoliating facial wipes handy.  They work like a charm.

Create And Exfoliate

3. Or Hair

Paint usually comes out of my hair with a good shampooing but when it is 2am and I just want to get it out quickly so I can go to bed, I use a little water and a detangling comb.

Paint Happens To My Desk (Paint Water Cups Available At The Shop)

4. The Floors and The Furniture

Most paint will come up pretty easily with a damp cloth when it's wet.  If it's dried and thick enough I can usually scrape it up with a putty knife or a razor blade.  If it's more like a stain, a little rubbing alcohol often does the trick.

5. And Finally, Clothes

This is the hard one.  What I should do is always wear the clothes that have already been paint splattered or remember to put on one of my aprons but sometimes I don't.  I find I can get paint out of my jeans if I get to it right away with one of those exfoliating wipes, or out of a shirt if I soak it right away, but usually these things just end up as new additions to my painting wardrobe.

So what do you do when paint happens?  I'd love to read your paint removing tips in the comments.

Happy creating!

Peace, Love and Art,