Wednesday, January 18, 2017

I Believe In Artists: Victoria Lynn Hall

In My "I Believe In Art" Studio. Tshirt available HERE

For my first "I Believe In Artists" feature of 2017, I decided to interview an artist I've known for a very long time, me!  And now that I have, I would just like to take a moment to apologize to all my past and future interview subjects.  I really had no idea how difficult these questions were until I had to answer them myself!

At the same time, I have to say I enjoyed the challenge and learned a lot from it.  So without further ado, here's a little more about me and my art:

"Treasured" Acrylic on 11x14 Canvas.  Click here to read a blog post inspired by this painting.

Question: I know art speaks its own language but if you had to describe your work in only six words, what would they be?

Me: Attempts to tell a better story.

"Daffodil Dreams" Acrylic on Canvas By Victoria Lynn Hall

Question: Who is your favorite artist (in any medium) and how do they inspire you?

Me: My favorite artist is Claude Monet, because of how hopeful his paintings make me feel and also because they inspire me to look at the world differently.  Learning about Monet and his art taught me to really notice and appreciate the magic and movement of light and color, especially in nature and in my garden specifically (you can read more about that by clicking here).

I would also like to say that since starting the I Believe In Art Facebook Page, I have encountered so many talented artists who inspire me with their work and their creative spirits on a daily basis.

"Hopes and Dreams" Acrylic on 11x14 Canvas.  Click here to read more about this painting.

Question: What inspires you to create?

Me: I am always creating in many different mediums for many different reasons.  However, when it comes to painting it is often frustration that leads me to my easel.  There is a certain kind of angst I'm prone to that only pushing paint around a canvas can relieve for me.  For me, creating art is an act of self care. I count on it to restore my faith and renew my optimism.

"Light Dawning" Acrylic on 11x14 Canvas.
Click here to learn the story behind this painting.

Question: What is your favorite part of your creative process?

Me: I love it when I am in that creative zone where my intuition kicks in and I just know what to do without questioning myself.  Experiencing that through my artistic process has taught me to trust my intuition more in other areas of my life.

Question: What is the most challenging part of your creative process and how do you meet that challenge?

Me: The most challenging part of the creative process for me is just getting started.  There is always that perfectionist, procrastinating side of me (that I call my anti-muse) that I have to battle before I begin anything.  She never thinks I'm ready enough or good enough, so the challenge is to get to work in spite of that and keep going until my intuition (aka my muse) kicks in and shuts her up.

"What Never Was" Acrylic on 24X30 Canvas

Question: And finally, what does "believing in art" mean to you?

Me:  On a personal level, believing in art means believing I will know something after I create art that I didn't know before I created it - that it can unlock doors in my perception and help me see myself and the world in a better light. 

You can read what believing in art means to me in general on The I Believe In Art Manifesto:

The I Believe In Art Manifesto.  Click here to read the story of how this was born.

Thanks so much for reading. Some of my paintings are available as canvas prints at the I Believe In Art Shop (Click Here).  And as always, you can connect with me through my I Believe In Art Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter accounts.

Oh and if you are an artist who would like to be interviewed for this feature, please click here for more information.

Thanks again and happy creating!

Peace, Love and Art,


  1. What a generous and insightful post! Not sure what my favourite part was because I found myself nodding through the whole thing while reading. I too have to kick the "anti-muse"to the curb regularly. I also love how art changes me and how I view th world. But I think it was this:
    "creating art is an act of self care. I count on it to restore my faith and renew my optimism." That nailed it beat.
    Thank you,Victoria for all of this. Inspiring and supportive. And your art is gorgeous.

    1. Oh, thanks so much, Aprille! I'm so glad you found inspiration here. And your feedback and support means the world to me. Happy creating!

  2. Aprille says it best! Thank you, Victoria! Always so wise!

    1. Thanks, Paige. I always appreciate your encouragement.

  3. I love the question and answer format that you used in this article. Your message is dead on. The world would be a poorer place without art.

    1. Hi Lorraine. Thanks so much for the positive feedback!

  4. I love how you're so creative, fun and passionate. Thank you for sharing. I like how you said your intuition comes in and you don't question yourself.

  5. Thank you so much for sharing such truthful thoughts and your encouragement. I love your paintings, they are so colorful. Also for me Art is healing, can't miss the appointment or is bad news!

    1. Thanks so much for your kind words. Yes,art heals! Happy creating!