Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Mermaid Muse Coloring Pages (Free Printables)

Hello creative geniuses!

I'm temporarily bringing this blog out of archived status during the corona virus crisis to provide you with access to these free (for personal use only) coloring pages of my mermaid muses for yourself or your kids or anyone who could use a fun, inspiring activity to occupy your time right now.  You can click here to view, download and print any and all of these pages.

For those of you who haven't met them yet, and for some added inspiration, I will now introduce you to these four delightful mermaid muses and provide some coloring tips.

The Imagine Mermaid Muse

Imagine Mermaid is a muse that reminds you to imagine all the possibilities life has to offer, such as peace, love, art and many, many more.  Tip for coloring: use some fine tipped pens, markers or sharp colored pencils to draw patterns or write words in the sections of her tail to add extra detail! 

The Create Mermaid Muse

Create Mermaid is a muse that inspires us to use our creativity to add color and joy to our lives and the lives of others.  Tip for coloring: You could use the same color for the tip of her paintbrush and the C in create so it looks like she helped you out on that part, just as you are helping to bring her to life with color!

The Dream Mermaid Muse

The dreamy Dream-Mer Mermaid is a muse that reminds us that being awake is no reason to stop dreaming. Tip for coloring: try a gradient effect on her tail by gradually increasing the pressure you use while coloring it with the same crayon or pencil! You could also add a scale pattern with a black pen or marker.

The Relax Mermaid Muse

Relax Mermaid is a muse that reminds us of the importance of relaxation and self care.  Coloring tips: Get creative by choosing various colors or shading techniques for the bubbles and feel free to add more because you can never have too many bubbles!

And please share your finished coloring pages with me on the I Believe In Art Facebook Page.  Also, stay connected with me there for more art activities during this time.

I wish you all health and happiness now and always.

Peace, Love and Art,