Thursday, June 27, 2013

Once Upon A Time In My Garden

Shaun Cassidy, The Garden Gnome

Once upon a time in my garden I asked Shaun Cassidy the garden gnome, "Shaun Cassidy, how do I get rid of evil fairies?"

"With hard work," he replied, "they hate that and it has the added effect of attracting good fairies."

I knew he was right, so this spring Hippie and I rolled up our sleeves and did some major work in the garden.  Sure enough, not long after that I began to notice less evidence of evil fairies and more of a presence of magic and goodness.  See for yourself in the photos I took and posted below.

As long as you obey her rule, this fairy is one of the good ones

Garden Guardian

A Magical Mermaid tries out our new tree swing

For Good Fairies Only - Our new fairy house.

And we gardened happily ever after.

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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Everything's Coming Up Roses

Wild Rambling White Roses

It's really just a guess that evil fairies are the ones who plant all the weeds in my garden. It could just as easily be gnomes or aliens or time travelers. Perhaps there is even a more reasonable explanation, I don't know. All I know is that I didn't ask for them, don't want them and will defend my flowers from them at all costs.

Growing Together, White and Red Roses 

The funny thing is that weeds aren't the only thing that show up unexpectedly in my garden. Sometimes something sprouts up that I actually like, like the lovely wild white roses that suddenly appeared a couple of years ago and are now thriving. Maybe those evil fairies aren't so evil after all.

Rambling Red Roses

Okay, here is the my garden is a metaphor for life paragraph: Weeds are like all the random things that happen in life to inconvenience me. For example, when the oven decides to stop working in the middle of cooking my pizza or someone is rude to me for no reason or a rock flies up from the road and cracks my windshield. It's easy to feel like the universe, or evil fairies, are picking on me some days.  However, just as often as some random little problem pops up, good things do too. Like when my favorite song comes on the radio, or when a stranger insists I go ahead in line at the grocery store because I only have two items or when, out of the blue, beautiful roses just decide to start growing in my garden.

Pink Ballerina Roses

So maybe not everything's coming up roses all the time but when they do, I'm going to take the time to notice and enjoy them. I hope you did too.

Tiny Dancer - Ballerina Rose Photography Print

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Pinteresting People: Emily Henderson

I am absolutely addicted to HGTV. I love watching the process of transforming homes and spaces through design. I freely admit that I cry during many of the reveals. It is just so touching to see how happy a new sofa or a better layout or a stunning fabric pattern can make a person. I can really relate to that.

There are a few HGTV designers that have really wowed me over the years but none more so than 2010 HGTV Design Star Winner, Emily Henderson. Her layered, collected, vintage meets vintage modern style is, as she would say, totally my jam! She really inspires me to mix in more modern elements and graphic patterns with my thrift store decor. I'd say that some of the choices I made when I redecorated my bathroom were influenced by her.

Following Emily Henderson on Pinterest is a must! You should also check out Emily's blog where you will not only get expert design tips but also a big dose of her fun, quirky but down to earth personality. Seriously, best design star ever!

Dragonfly Flight Pattern Purple Ombre
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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Pinteresting People: Tracy Porter

I always seem to be in the middle of one home decorating project or another these days and I totally blame Pinterest!

Many of the images I am drawn to the most on Pinterest come from or through the same people. Some of these people have been inspiring me for years and some of them I have discovered more recently. They are all unique and inspire me in different ways but I find myself returning again and again to their boards and I am always delighted with what I see.

I thought I would express my appreciation for these “Pinspiring” people with a series of blog posts about them, starting with the person I probably repin the most, designer Tracy Porter.

The book Dreams From Home by Tracy Porter changed my life. Before I read it I always second guessed my creative choices. I would get a rush of inspiration and then immediately hear this voice in my head saying, “That's too crazy!” or “That's impractical”.  What's crazy is that it wasn't even my voice.

Thank goodness for Tracy Porter. She showed me how beautiful being brave and bold can be. Now, when some wonderfully outrageous idea pops into my head, the only voice I hear is my very own and it says, “Go For It!”

If you want to be truly inspired, check out this fabulous lady's  adventures on Instagram or Facebook. You can also find more information about her and her Poetic Wanderlust line of home accessories at