Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Pinteresting People: Tracy Porter

I always seem to be in the middle of one home decorating project or another these days and I totally blame Pinterest!

Many of the images I am drawn to the most on Pinterest come from or through the same people. Some of these people have been inspiring me for years and some of them I have discovered more recently. They are all unique and inspire me in different ways but I find myself returning again and again to their boards and I am always delighted with what I see.

I thought I would express my appreciation for these “Pinspiring” people with a series of blog posts about them, starting with the person I probably repin the most, designer Tracy Porter.

The book Dreams From Home by Tracy Porter changed my life. Before I read it I always second guessed my creative choices. I would get a rush of inspiration and then immediately hear this voice in my head saying, “That's too crazy!” or “That's impractical”.  What's crazy is that it wasn't even my voice.

Thank goodness for Tracy Porter. She showed me how beautiful being brave and bold can be. Now, when some wonderfully outrageous idea pops into my head, the only voice I hear is my very own and it says, “Go For It!”

If you want to be truly inspired, check out this fabulous lady's  adventures on Instagram or Facebook. You can also find more information about her and her Poetic Wanderlust line of home accessories at poeticwanderlust.com.


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