Monday, October 31, 2011

30 Days of Holiday Cards - Day 5: Tales of A Christmas Diva

Christmas Diva Cat Photography card

Today's card features a true Christmas Diva, our cat Isabelle.  She's a diva the rest of the year as well.  We have other cats but her majesty doesn't seem to be aware of this.  In her mind everything is about her and she is very offended when we pretend otherwise.

This photograph of her was taken at Christmas a few years ago while we were opening our presents.  We used to buy presents for our feline kids but we quickly realized that the ribbons, bows, paper and boxes were presents enough for them.   Still, the other cats would not appreciate it if we tried to drape them with garland or put bows on their head but Isabelle loves it.  That day I remember she acted as if we were adorning her with jewels and a crown and she was very proud to have her picture taken with them.  Eventually she discarded these treasures so she could combat some wrapping paper and then she arranged herself inside a gift box and fell asleep. 

Isabelle turned 15 this year but she is still very active commanding our attention like the diva and the very precious gift that she is.  I can't wait to see what she will do this Christmas.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

30 Days of Holiday Cards - Day 4: We Wish You A Creative Christmas

Create Mermaid Muse Creative Christmas card
Create Mermaid Muse Creative Christmas by Victoreeah

Today's featured card is my "Create Muse Mermaid Creative Christmas Card" from my Imagine Mermaid and Friends line.  This card celebrates the thing I love most about the Holidays, the opportunity and inspiration it provides for creativity.

Now, I certainly don't need an excuse to break out the glitter and the glue gun but I'm sure my love of these things began with Holiday craft projects when I was a kid.  I treasure my memories of sitting at my Grandmother Jane's dining room table, helping her make ornaments out of oyster shells, old holiday card images, glitter, ribbon and glue.  We also made ornaments from small food tins.  My Grandmother learned the value of recycling and repurposing during the great depression but I wasn't aware of that at the time.  I just thought she was brilliant and fun.

During the current economic climate, I know a lot of people may not be able to afford to buy gifts or decorations or even super cool Holiday cards by awesome artists like me.  While I certainly look forward to a more prosperous economy, I think this is an opportunity for people to discover or rediscover their own resourcefulness and ingenuity.  In other words, just as the card says, I truly do wish everyone a creative Christmas and a crafty New Year because I know firsthand how joyful they can be.

We Wish You A Creative Christmas Mermaid Gift Wrap
We Wish You A Creative Christmas Mermaid Gift Wrap by Victoreeah
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We Wish You A Creative Christmas Mermaid
We Wish You A Creative Christmas Mermaid by Victoreeah
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Saturday, October 29, 2011

30 Days of Holiday Cards - Day 3: Groovy Peace Angel

Groovy Peace Angel card
Groovy Peace Angel by Victoreeah
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Today's featured holiday card is my Groovy Peace Angel design.  It was inspired by sixties pop art, something I am a big fan of.  I am quite fond of this design and even used a version of it as my own Holiday card several years ago.  The funny thing is that when I think of this card what I remember is the one person who didn't like it.

Of course this person didn't come right out and say they didn't like it but made a point of telling me that it was "interesting" in a way that very obviously conveyed their disapproval.  I think many creative people encounter this kind of criticism.  There have been a few times when someone has described my work as "interesting", "imaginative" or the ever popular, "wow that's deep" with a snicker or a roll of the eyes to make sure I know they didn't mean it as a compliment.  As an artist, I know I can't expect everyone to like everything I do but there was a time when these sorts of remarks in particular would bother me.

What I have learned since, however, is that even when these remarks are meant to be insulting, they are in fact very high compliments. I certainly mean for my work to be interesting, imaginative and deep.  Those words hold no negative connotation for me.  The fact that they do for other people says more about them than it does about my work.  If they had said, "wow, this is boring, trite and shallow, I really like it!", I would not be flattered.  So now when I encounter that kind of criticism I smile brightly, say thank you and walk away feeling groovy, peaceful and proud of my work.

Groovy Peace Angel
Groovy Peace Angel by Victoreeah
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Friday, October 28, 2011

30 Days of Holiday Cards - Day 2: Christmas Angel

Christmas Angel Thank You Cards card

The Christmas Angel on this card, also known as the "pink angel" and the "facing the sun angel", is one of my more popular digital art paintings.  It has a special place in my heart because it is a favorite of my niece Kt and always reminds me of her. 

On this card, the angel is accompanied by the words, "We see our angels more clearly at Christmas but deep in our hearts we know that they are always there."  On the inside it reads, "Thank you for being one of the angels in my life.  Merry Christmas."

This card is meant for the friends in your life who just always seem to be there when you need them most, the family members that are always giving of themselves to others or someone who has assisted or guided you through challenging times.   I'm sure that you have at least a few of these special people on your Christmas card list this year, I'm blessed to be able to say that I do too.

"Facing The Sun" Angel Art
"Facing The Sun" Angel Art by Victoreeah
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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

30 Days of Holiday Cards - Day 1: Untouched Snow

It's time for me to start thinking about what I am going to do for a Christmas Card this year.  I thought for a little inspiration (and so I don't repeat myself) I would take a look at all the Holiday Cards I have created on Zazzle over the years.  Doing this brought some thoughts and memories to mind, so I decided I would also share them with you over the next thirty days.  Starting with this one:

I originally posted my Untouched Snow Holiday Card to my Zazzle Shop in November of 2008 but the artwork is much older, probably from about 2001.  That was when I first started experimenting with digital art with a now obsolete program that came with a now obsolete computer.  I later went back and improved on many of those early works when I got better tools but this one didn't seem to require it.  It was inspired by the feeling I used to get as a kid when I would wake up in the middle of the night and look out my window to see a fresh blanket of snow under the moonlight.  I have a few of the "blank inside" version of these cards in my home inventory because they are suitable for almost any winter occasion or late additions to someone's Christmas Card list.

Untouched Snow Digital Art
Untouched Snow Digital Art by Victoreeah
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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Where Disney's Dreams Began

Mickey and Me
While out exploring rural Missouri the other day, my husband and I stumbled upon the small, historic town of Marceline, MO. Marceline's claim to fame is that it was the boyhood home of Walt Disney. Being a life long fan of all things Disney, I could not resist a visit to this town.

The main attraction was the Walt Disney Hometown Museum, located in the old train depot which was saved from demolition by the town members. Our guide, one of those town members who volunteers at the museum, was kind enough to tell us about the building as well as give us a tour of the main displays which tell the story of Walt Disney's presence in the town, both as a boy and his subsequent visits after achieving fame.

Two stories she told us stand out to me. The first was a cute story of how young Walt painted artwork on the side of the family home with what he thought was black paint, but turned out to be tar. Who else would mistake tar for paint but someone whose first instinct was to create with whatever materials he had on hand?

The other story was that Walt's father did not approve of his artistic endeavors, not just because of the permanent tar doodles marring his house, but because he felt that no one could earn a living by drawing silly pictures. In keeping with this belief, Elias Disney refused to spend any of the family's hard earned money on any sort of art supplies for his son. Fortunately an Aunt encouraged his talent and sent him paper and pencils so that he could continue to develop it. Hearing this put tears in my eyes and reminded me what a powerful influence one person's kindness can truly be.

Walt's father did live to see that his son's artistic and imaginative talents did indeed earn him a living.

To learn more about Marceline and the attractions there, visit the Walt Disney Hometown Museum web site. 

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Halloween Brews & Potions

I love Halloween.  It wins the prize in my book for the most creative Holiday and it is my favorite one to decorate for.  I'm actually running a little behind on that this year.  Normally by now I would have put up purple lights and cobwebs on my porch but before I could begin I received my latest Zazzle order in the mail.  I ordered three sheets of Halloween Stickers that I designed with a few projects in mind.  I was so excited and impressed by how great they turned out (if I do say so myself) that I decided the purple lights could wait.  Here's the projects I have completed so far:

Witches Brew

Witches Brew Halloween Potion

I have managed to collect a lot of interesting bottles and containers over the years.  All this bright green bottle needed was one of my large Wine Witch "Witches Brew" Stickers to make it Halloween ready.

These stickers would also look great on a black cauldron punch bowl and the smaller size could be put on glasses or party cups.

Witches Brew Wine Bottle Project

I also used my Witches Brew Stickers to create a sleeve for a bottle of wine.  I just cut some scrapbook paper I had (to approx. 5 1/2" x 10") and wrapped it around the bottle, securing it with tape on the back, then placed my sticker on top of that.

I think a bottle of good wine decorated like this would make a great gift for the host or hostess of any Halloween parties you attend.

Vampire Love Potion

Vampire Love Potion Wine Bottle Project

 Another wine bottle sleeve I created with the large size of my Vampire Love Potion Stickers.  Perfect for a romantic Halloween date with your favorite vamp!  :)

Vampire Love Potion Perfume Project

And last but not least, I placed small, round Vampire Love Potion Stickers on smaller bottles that I filled with rose water to create the perfect Halloween perfume.  I plan on making a few more of these for some vampire obsessed teenage girls that I know.

If you like these projects, its not too late for you to order some, click here to browse my Halloween Potions and Brews Collection or create your own.   Just make sure that you select the size you want (6 large or 20 small) before adding them to your cart.

Happy Creating and Happy Halloween,