Tuesday, April 3, 2018

I Believe In Artists: Kylie Ferriday

Artist Kylie Ferriday

I've never been to Australia but, through the magic of Instagram, I get to visit the lovely and creative home of my friend Corinna there almost every day (check it out for yourself @twolittledrakes). One day not that long ago, Corinna shared a photo featuring a gorgeous work of art in her home and introduced her followers to the artist, Kylie Ferriday.  

Clicking over to Kylie's account I was immediately taken by the colorful, cultural style of her art and her open, expressive personality.  I knew right away that she would provide an inspiring and insightful interview and I think you'll agree I was right (I love it when that happens)!  Enjoy!

MAYLEA, Watercolour and Pen on 300gsm arches paper by Kylie Ferriday

Question: I know art speaks its own language but if you had to describe your work in only six words, what would they be?

Kylie: A cultural, vibrant array of colour.

In Nature We Trust, Watercolour and pen 300gsm arches paper by Kylie Ferriday

Question: Who is your favorite artist (in any medium) and how do they inspire you?

Kylie: I love Frida Khalo- and it doesn’t have as much to do with the actual art she created, but everything to do with the strong, confident, determined artist and woman she was. Her deep thoughts and her unique individuality resonates with me. I could read about her all day long

ALLY, Watercolour, pen and collage on 300gsm arches paper by Kylie Ferriday

Question: What inspires you to create?

Kylie: Culture, colour, travel and nature are big ones for me. I notice everything, I take in textures, patterns and colours and ideas start to flow. I’ve always had a bit of a wild imagination too, so sometimes I imagine something and then I have to paint it. 

All I Am,  Watercolour and ink on 300gsm arches paper  by Kylie Ferriday

Question: What is your favorite part of your creative process?

Kylie: Seeing a thought turn into a work of art.

CHAPPY, Watercolour and pen 300gsm arches paper by Kylie Ferriday

Question: What is the most challenging part of your creative process and how do you meet that challenge?

Kylie: Sometimes as an artist you have periods of a “creative block”. This can be disheartening and quite confronting, especially when painting is your full time job. Over the years I have tried different techniques to break the block, some include painting with my opposite hand, change of scenery (for example, painting next to the ocean), meditation or doodling on paper without thought. A creative block is usually due to overthinking or feeling burnt out, for me anyway.

LULU, watercolour and pen on 300gsm arches paper by Kylie Ferriday

Question: And finally, what does "believing in art" mean to you?

Kylie: To me, believing in art means you’ll always be OK. Art saves people. Art is so much more than the finished piece we see on walls or in photos, Art is a spiritual journey and I’ll never ever take it for granted. 

Thank you Kylie for sharing your vibrant work and spirit with us.  

For more information on Kylie and to see more of and/or purchase prints of her work, visit her website at KylieFerridayArt.com and be sure to connect with her on Instagram and Facebook too!

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Until next time, happy creating!

Peace, Love and Art,