Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Back To The Drawing Board

The current chalkboard mural in my living room allows me to enjoy some autumn foliage when I'm inside.

The only formal art training I can claim is a drawing class I took for part of a semester when I was around twelve years old.  I remember being very excited about my first assignment.  I worked really hard on my drawing and was really proud to turn it into the teacher.  Imagine my shock and disappointment when I learned the grade I received on it was a D.

I wish I had that drawing now but I threw it away and didn't tell a soul about it. Instead I silently observed everything that happened in class and figured out that the teacher only gave the As out to the meticulous students who could draw straight lines without a ruler (and no extra credit for creativity).  I was able to conform to these standards enough to get a passing grade but I no longer enjoyed the class and by the end of it I had decided that drawing just wasn't for me.

Of course I eventually grew up and realized that I don't need anyone's grade of approval to do the things I enjoy.   I learned to create art my way and not to worry about conforming to someone else's standards or expectations.  Still, I have always been just a little more comfortable holding a painting utensil than I am holding a drawing utensil.

This fact made facing a chalkboard the size of a small billboard a little daunting at first but it has proved to be a really good challenge for me.  It has made me, both literally and figuratively, reach a little higher and dream a little bigger than I may have otherwise.  

So here's a look back at my first year of chalkboard murals.  I'm giving every one of them an A+ for being some of the best art teachers I have ever had.

My first chalkboard mural was a celebration of Classic Rock.  

My second chalkboard mural was for Thanksgiving

A Birthday Mural For Hippie

I managed to find a little time each day to draw a snowflake or two for this winter holiday chalkboard mural.

So far the prediction of this New Year's Eve chalkboard mural is holding true.

I'm convinced this Baltimore Ravens chalkboard mural somehow contributed to their Super Bowl win.

This spring flower themed chalkboard mural lasted through the spring and summer gardening seasons.

And then I took a little break before getting to the autumn chalkboard mural at the top of this post.

Click here to see more of my chalkboard murals.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

My Gypsy

Gypsy Digital Art Print available at my Etsy Shop

My "Gypsy" digital art painting was inspired by a very wise woman who advises me, or at least attempts to, from time to time.  She has made many accurate predictions about my future.  For example, she once warned me that if I kept making the same stupid choices, I was going to keep getting the same stupid results and she was totally right about that.  

Also, she told me I was an artist a long time ago but for years I stubbornly refused to believe her.  Obviously she was correct about that too.

Then there was this time she and I met this weird Hippie guy at a rock concert. She took one look into his eyes and told me he was the one for me but I thought she was crazy.  A few years later I was married to the guy and I still am.  I guess she knew what she was talking about.

With this stellar track record, it's a wonder that I have doubted and second guessed my gypsy as much as I have but I am slowly learning that I am much better off when I trust her wisdom.

Of course, almost all of my portraits are really self portraits and this one is no exception.  Therefore, this gypsy's wisdom is only available and applicable to me.  However, I think anyone who pays close and honest attention to what they are doing in each moment will find that they can predict their own future too.

Gypsy Prediction Business Card Templates
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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

My Art: Rooted

"Rooted" Tree Goddess Painting and some of my other Autumn inspired art

I moved to the Midwest in the mid nineties and for more than ten years I did not feel at home here.  Hippie and I did a lot of traveling then and I believed that we would eventually wind up moving back to my beloved East Coast or perhaps somewhere out West.  I was the anywhere but here girl, always in limbo, always waiting for the day my life would really begin in some other place.

Meanwhile, we were growing out of the small house we lived in and the crime rate in our neighborhood was increasing.  One day it suddenly became clear to me that we needed to move somewhere fast and that meant somewhere near.  We went looking for a home in a better neighborhood.  I hoped we would find something a little larger with a basement and a second bathroom.  Something we could be comfortable in until we moved somewhere else.  

What we found was a dream come true.  What we found was The Cabbage.

I painted my "Rooted" Tree Goddess in the Autumn of 2006, just a few months after we moved in here.  It was the perfect symbol and reflection of how I was feeling at the time.  The transplant had finally taken, I was rooted, I was home.

An image of this painting is featured on many products in my Zazzle art shop.  The original is currently hanging in my kitchen and is not for sale.

"Rooted" Tree Goddess Art Canvas Prints
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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

New Etsy Shop & A Giveaway!

I'm happy to announce that you can now visit my new Etsy shop at  There you can purchase matted prints of my art, hand signed by me.  These are high quality 8x10 prints of my paintings or digital art using archival inks and matted to fit any 11x14 frame.

Matted Print Example

Framed Prints Example

To celebrate the start of this exciting new venture, I am going to give away one of these prints to one lucky winner.  This giveaway is open to U.S. residents only.  For your chance to win visit my new Etsy shop to view all of my available prints and then tell me which one is your favorite in one or more of the following ways for up to 3 entries per person:

1. By leaving a comment on this blog post.

2. By sharing a link to the listing of your favorite print on twitter (there is a tweet button on the listing page), including the hashtag #vlhGiveaway (multiple tweets are appreciated but will only count as one entry).

3. By joining my mailing list via my ContactMe form and specifying your favorite print in the comments section.

Also, make sure you like my Facebook page and get notifications for it as I will be announcing the randomly chosen winner there on Friday, September 13, 2013.

Good luck and thanks so much for your interest in my art and this blog.