Tuesday, September 17, 2013

My Gypsy

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My "Gypsy" digital art painting was inspired by a very wise woman who advises me, or at least attempts to, from time to time.  She has made many accurate predictions about my future.  For example, she once warned me that if I kept making the same stupid choices, I was going to keep getting the same stupid results and she was totally right about that.  

Also, she told me I was an artist a long time ago but for years I stubbornly refused to believe her.  Obviously she was correct about that too.

Then there was this time she and I met this weird Hippie guy at a rock concert. She took one look into his eyes and told me he was the one for me but I thought she was crazy.  A few years later I was married to the guy and I still am.  I guess she knew what she was talking about.

With this stellar track record, it's a wonder that I have doubted and second guessed my gypsy as much as I have but I am slowly learning that I am much better off when I trust her wisdom.

Of course, almost all of my portraits are really self portraits and this one is no exception.  Therefore, this gypsy's wisdom is only available and applicable to me.  However, I think anyone who pays close and honest attention to what they are doing in each moment will find that they can predict their own future too.

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