Thursday, September 22, 2011

Art = Happiness

Art makes me so happy sometimes.  I woke up today and was instantly in a good mood because the first thing I saw was this:

It's my "Kindred Spirits" Butterfly Photography Print that I ordered from my own Zazzle Photography Shop.  Previously that frame contained a print of "Lancelot And Guinevere" by Herbert James Draper.  While it is one of my favorite paintings and fits with the era and style of my home, I felt that after 5 years of looking at it every day it was time for a change.  I wanted something that was more modern and fresh while still fitting in with the vintage - garden - cottage style of my room.  When I created this image I knew I had found it.

When this print arrived, I was a little nervous.  I have always been delighted with the prints I have ordered on Zazzle and have heard nothing but rave reviews from friends and customers but this time I ordered the basic matte finish instead of the semi gloss.  I made the right choice.  The paper was slightly thinner than what I was used to but the printing was beautiful.  The basic glass of my old frame created a glare sometimes with the other print but with the dark, matte background of this print it has more of a mirror effect.  I actually love how it reflects my favorite chandelier:

If you have a framed print or other work of art that is starting to gather dust on your walls, I highly recommend switching it out for something new.  It is amazing how one simple change like this can give a room a whole new feel.  This print has given my room a bold dose of drama while still evoking a sense of calm and serenity.  I know it will continue to remind me of the warmth and wonder I find in my garden long after winter arrives.