Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Iris Show

Just a few of our German Irises In Bloom

Twice a year the German Irises in my front yard put on a spectacular show. Most of the plants in my gardens were here when I moved in but these Reblooming Irises were something that Hippie and I added ourselves. We have added other plants too but few have thrived and given as much joy to us as these beauties have.

There was a time in my life when I would have been cynical or at least skeptical about deriving such pleasure and satisfaction from a few flowers but obviously I was an idiot then. I suppose I have matured somewhat and gained enough wisdom that I am now able to appreciate the little things in life. Actually, what I am realizing is that what I used to think of as little things aren't really so little.

It's a big thing to me to have something I can count on. It's a big thing to have something not just meet but exceed my expectations. And it's a big thing to be routinely surprised by something that should be easy to take for granted but instead fills me with gratitude and awe. That's what love is, that is what art is for me and that is also how I feel about these Irises and all of the other flowers in my garden.

No, they aren't little things at all. They are huge blessings and I am grateful for all of them.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Chasing Butterflies

The Dramatic One Butterfly Photograph zazzle_photoenlargement
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I know working for the muse doesn't sound very glamorous to some and even I tend to complain about it from time to time. Yet to spite some very long hours and an extremely demanding boss, I truly love what I do. Who wouldn't love a job that includes responsibilities such as trailing day dreams, hunting inspiration or chasing butterflies?

I get somewhat of a vacation from that last task during the winter months but the rest of the year I spend at least a few hours every week around my winged friends with a camera. Around this time of year they are very elusive. They flutter by me at lightning speed and don't stay in one place for too long. I've learned to be patient and not to worry if I don't get a good photograph. I've learned that photographs are only one of many rewards for chasing butterflies.

Chasing butterflies is a lot like chasing a dream. Even when it's difficult, it's easy because it's the only thing you want to be doing. No one makes you do it, you just have to do it and you never, ever consider giving up. And you find that just by keeping your eye on the prize and allowing your feet to follow, you learn and experience so many wonderful things that you never expected. So that even when your dream comes true, you are glad to see another dream beyond it, just like I am always glad to see another butterfly.

"Happiness Is A Butterfly" Quote & Photography Postcard
Three Free Butterflies rickshaw_messengerbag

Friday, April 6, 2012

Creative Organization

Who needs condiments when you have glitter?

We had a couple of rainy days this week that enabled me to take a break from gardening and get some stuff done around the house. I didn't do anything crazy, like the dishes, but I did tidy up and reorganize my art studio.

Pantry racks aren't just for pantries

Now I am not the most organized person in the world but somewhere deep inside I aspire to be just that. I sometimes have visions of built in shelves, lined up cabinets, color coded files and clean, orderly, even minimal environments.  

Old stool + orphan drawer =  artist's taboret

The reality is, however, that I am a visually oriented, creatively motivated, color seeking, pattern loving, thrift store shopping, glitter crazy artist with eclectic tastes, varied interests and a lot of art supplies. So while my inner Martha Stewart may wish for a world where all clutter resides in color coordinated bins and boxes, that just doesn't fit the way I live and work.

This little froggy holds chalk

Instead my studio is a lot like my art; the picture of contained chaos. The things I use the most are out in the open where they can be seen and easily grasped but everything has a somewhat defined home to go back to when I am done using it. 

Contained chaos

The fact that many of these homes come in the shape of things like pink hippos, blue mermaids or some brightly colored California pottery just makes cleaning up a little more fun. And while this may not totally satisfy my inner Martha, it greatly pleases her Divine Majesty, Supreme Ruler Of VictoriaLand, also known as my inner child (long may she reign) and that is all that really matters.

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