Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Iris Show

Just a few of our German Irises In Bloom

Twice a year the German Irises in my front yard put on a spectacular show. Most of the plants in my gardens were here when I moved in but these Reblooming Irises were something that Hippie and I added ourselves. We have added other plants too but few have thrived and given as much joy to us as these beauties have.

There was a time in my life when I would have been cynical or at least skeptical about deriving such pleasure and satisfaction from a few flowers but obviously I was an idiot then. I suppose I have matured somewhat and gained enough wisdom that I am now able to appreciate the little things in life. Actually, what I am realizing is that what I used to think of as little things aren't really so little.

It's a big thing to me to have something I can count on. It's a big thing to have something not just meet but exceed my expectations. And it's a big thing to be routinely surprised by something that should be easy to take for granted but instead fills me with gratitude and awe. That's what love is, that is what art is for me and that is also how I feel about these Irises and all of the other flowers in my garden.

No, they aren't little things at all. They are huge blessings and I am grateful for all of them.