Thursday, March 22, 2018

I Believe In Artists: Claudia Gill

Artist Claudia Gill

After publishing my I Believe In Artists Interview with designer Tracy Porter, I heard from a lot of wonderful, creative people who are fellow admirers of her and her work.  It reminded me how sharing what inspires us can connect us in profound and positive ways.

One of those fellow Tracy fans I heard from was artist Claudia Gill.  Claudia shares what inspires her through her decoupage and mosaic creations, connecting the past to the present.  I was so happy to be introduced to her and her charming work through the wonders of blogging and social media and I think you will be too.  Enjoy!

"Boudoir Dames" Shadowbox by Claudia Gill

Question: I know art speaks its own language but if you had to describe your work in only six words, what would they be?

Claudia: Creative, Inspiring, Glamorous, Nostalgic, Magical, Spirited.

"New York Dames" Decoupage Tray by Claudia Gill

Question: Who is your favorite artist (in any medium) and how do they inspire you?

Claudia: I don’t have one. Different artists inspire me at different times in my life; My mother, who is an artist, when I was growing up for one. Pieces of Art will get into my psyche and then I draw upon them at various times during my work process.

"Faith" Mosaic Wall Hanging By Claudia Gill

Question: What inspires you to create?

Claudia: Love and spirit.  A need to feed my soul, to create beauty, to share, inspire and bring happiness to others. Its like a meditation for me where I escape into another world and am like a musician where the music just takes over and you just go with the flow... to create not focusing on the end result but being in the process.

"Oheka Dames" Decoupage Tray by Claudia Gill 

Question: What is your favorite part of your creative process?

Claudia: Seeing all the pieces come together like a mosaic, which I create as well.  I always feel like a kid at Christmas opening a present, overwhelmed by the excitement of the finished product and not knowing from whence it came.

Question: What is the most challenging part of your creative process and how do you meet that challenge?

Claudia: When something isn't working to either start over or to be able to not judge it but to take a step back, leave for for a while and come back to it and figure it out. I have sometimes in frustration ripped the piece up only to regret it later. One has to trust the process as in life.

"Chinoiserie" Umbrella by Claudia Gill 

Question: And finally, what does "believing in art" mean to you?

Claudia: If it comes from your heart then it's Art.  Art is everywhere, its all that you choose to see... everything on this planet is a piece of art really. Art is all colors, shapes and sizes and no-one but yourself can define it.  It's what feeds your soul and makes you think, feel and be touched…

Thank you Claudia, for sharing your creativity and passions with us.  

For more information on Claudia and her one of a kind handcrafted trays, frames, mirrors, wall hangings and home decor accessories, visit her website at

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Until next time, happy creating!

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