I Believe In Artists

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Below is a list of the artists I have interviewed so far and what believing in art means to them.  Click on their names to read their full interviews and see their work.

 Believing in art defines who I am.  It is an essential part of my life - like breathing.

Believing in art means believing I will know something after I create art that I didn't know before I created it.

Linda Todd

"Believing in art" means to me........follow your heart, be true to yourself and be grateful for the talent you possess.

“Believing in art” means, to me, believing in myself and my ability to tap into something beyond myself.

Believing in art, for me, means believing that what you’re creating is important, and that it makes a difference.

Believing in art to an artist, is believing in themselves.

"Believing in Art", in its simplest form, is wanting to continue creating.

Believing in art is believing in life.

I believe art uplifts people by providing beauty and creates hope and a new way of viewing the world. 

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