Wednesday, May 11, 2016

I Believe In Artists: Jessica Davies

Artist Jessica Davies

One of the many things I love about my I Believe In Art Facebook page is that it connects me with all kinds of talented and inspiring artists.  When I posted there that I was looking for artists to interview for this blog, Jessica Davies was among the first to respond.  I am so glad that she did and I think you will be too.  Enjoy!

"Day Dreamer", Self Portrait By Jessica Davies

Question: I know art speaks its own language but if you had to describe your work in only six words, what would they be?

Jessica: Realism, colorful, random, surreal, detailed, dark.

Question: Who is your favorite artist (in any medium) and how do they inspire you?

Jessica: I dont have a specific favorite artist, however, I enjoy works that are technically complex with hyper-realism that are often surreal.  An artist whose work springs to mind is Jaroslaw Kukowski.

"Self Portrait with Lily" By Jessica Davies

Question: What inspires you to create?

Jessica: Everything inspires me to create though as a child it was a love of animals and wildlife that got me hooked on making art. 

"Prayer" By Jessica Davies

Question: What is your favorite part of your creative process?

Jessica:  My favorite part of the creative process is when a painting is starting to come together and you begin to see the finished image start to take shape. 

Commissioned Painting By Jessica Davies

Question: What is the most challenging part of your creative process and how do you meet that challenge?

Jessica: The challenging part of the creative process for me is procrastination and consistency. To tackle this, I often go out to see some art in museums, draw outside , or even switch mediums to clay for example as this really helps to break up routine and get the creative juices flowing.

Commissioned Painting By Jessica Davies

Question: And finally, what does "believing in art" mean to you?

Jessica: To me Believing in art means a vast amount of things. From enjoying and recreating beauty to diving deep into dark places to drag back and share some profound feeling or intense experience. Believing in art to an artist, is believing in themselves, believing in their skill, in learning , in beauty and passion, in good , in nature, in humanity, in hope and transformation. 

Thank you Jessica for sharing your amazing art and your thoughts with us!

For more information about Jessica and her art, visit her web site at

FYI, I'm still looking for artists to feature in this series.  Click here for information on how to apply.

Until next time, happy creating!

Peace, Love and Art,


  1. Always inspiring! Thanks, Victoria!

  2. Jessica's "Prayer" & "Day Dreamer" are particularly powerful. Thank you for sharing!