Wednesday, May 18, 2016

My Many Muses: My Inner Child

I love this kid!

The other day my Mother was going through old photos and she sent me this one (above) of me as a little girl in the bathtub with my pajamas on.

I actually have a clear memory of this moment.  My Mom had just gotten me out of the tub and dressed when something urgent made her leave the room briefly.  I remember looking over at the tub, seeing my toy boat still floating in the water and thinking, "I was having fun in that tub, I should get back in".

And so I did.  With all my clothes on.

Of course Mom was back in a flash and found me there happily playing with my boat.  She told me years later that it had been a difficult day and she was a bit exasperated at first but she didn't let it show and obviously I was so cute and having so much fun that she quickly got over it and thought to capture the moment.

I'm so happy to have this photo now because whenever I think of my inner child, this has been the picture I see in my mind.  I see the image of the little girl whose first instinct was to do what was fun.  I see the girl who found her toy boat and her own imagination so enjoyable that she just had to get back in that tub, pajamas and all.

I see her whenever I am tempted to do something I think I "should" do when what I really want to do is play and create in my studio.  I see her when I start to take life too seriously or worry too much about what other people think or forget that my imagination is my super power.

I see her and I think, Victoria, get back in the tub.

Pajamas be damned.

Happy creating to you and your inner child!

Peace, Love and Art,



  1. I'm glad your mom had the camera ready to capture that moment!

  2. What a fun story & a great memory for motivating your inner child!