Thursday, May 23, 2013

What's In Bloom: May

The Iris Show has begun!

If you saw the photos I posted on my Facebook page, you may already know that I did a little procrastinating when it came to my gardening chores last week. Truth is I was feeling a little overwhelmed again. Apparently, while I was waiting for Spring to get here, the evil fairies who plant all of the weeds in my garden got a head start and I was in no hurry to battle them.

Then things started to bloom and I suddenly became a fiercely protective garden ninja warrior armed with gloves, shovels, clippers and trimmers. And once again my garden became a metaphor for my life, reminding me that it is by focusing on what makes me happy that I find the motivation to deal with all of life's problems and challenges.

Here are some photos I took of what's in bloom in my gardens right now:

Blue Irises

Blue Star



More of my beloved German Irises


The very first Peony bloom this year

Purple Columbine

Sweet Rocket

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  1. Lovely photos, lovely flowers, Victoria!

    Yours are way ahead of ours here in the UK this year. It's still far too cold for the time of year! I had to look for my irises. They're no where near to flowering :(

    1. Thanks, Judy! Last year we had a really mild winter and everything bloomed a month early so now this seems late to me now. I'm sure your Irises will be worth the wait!