Tuesday, November 18, 2014

My Art: Treasured

"Treasured" Acrylic on 11x14 Canvas

How do you know your own worth? Where do you look to see your own value? Is it in the mirror? On the scale? In your bank account? In someone else's opinion of you?  How many social media likes would it take for you to feel acknowledged or appreciated? How many items checked off on your to do list would make you feel like you did enough today? How many gold stars would you need to feel truly special?

Try this instead: Close your eyes and just breathe. Let yourself feel the power of your own breath, the dynamic vibration of your own being. Contemplate the endless space within your own imagination and all the possibilities there. Consider the infinite measure of the love you have in your heart - for your family and friends, for your pets, for a song or a flower or an idea - and see it glowing within and from you, surrounding you in a golden light...

and know that you don't need any gold stars because you are a gold star.

So treat yourself like the treasure that you are and don't forget to shine.