Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Inviting Imperfection

Invite Imperfection

This is what art has taught me about perfection: It only exists in the possibilities I don't pursue.  In order to get anything done, I have to invite imperfection.  I have to say to my perfect ideals, "I'm going to create my own, imperfect version of you".  I need to go into every project knowing that the vision and the results are going to differ.  I must remember to see mistakes as lessons, accidents as opportunities and flaws as adornments - until I'm not just accepting imperfection, I am falling in love with it.

This is the really cool thing that happens when I fall in love with imperfection: I lose my fear of trying.  I lose my fear of failing because I know I will fail.  I'm hoping I will fail because I know my perfect vision is incomplete.  I understand that my unattainable ideal lacks the magic of reality.  I get that imperfection is an improvement on my dream.  Imperfection is a dream come true.

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