Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Until Spring

Some of my magical garden friends hanging out together in their winter home.

I spent some time in my garden today doing some chores I probably should have gotten to sooner.  Mainly, putting some things away for the winter.  Unfortunately, there are no colorful blooms or beautiful butterflies to keep me company this time of year.  However, all the faded flowers and seed heads reminded me of all the beauty I enjoyed in my garden these last few months and how much more I have to look forward to in the coming seasons.

So while I am definitely going to take advantage of the time off from gardening chores this winter, I really can't wait until spring.

I hope you enjoy these "now and then" photos from my garden:


Ballerina Roses


Limelight Hydrangea

Blue Mist



The Purple Garden 2015
The Purple Garden 2015 by time2see
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  1. I appreciate how you captured the beautiful qualities of "now," examples of how beauty can always be found. I'm also smiling, thinking of how your garden friends look like they're all set to keep each other company through the winter! : )

    1. Thanks, Lisa. My garden friends make me smile too. I think I heard some music and laughter when I passed by the shed the other day. :)