Wednesday, October 29, 2014

My Art: Hopes And Dreams

"Hopes And Dreams", Acrylic on Canvas

I painted my "Hopes And Dreams" painting during a couple of cold and gloomy days last February.  I was feeling a bit discouraged, a little "blue" you could say, so I grabbed my orange paint, the opposite of blue.  I added details with a rich, warm purple.  I had some fun with playful pink.  And when I was done I was a lot happier, just not quite as happy as the face I had created on the canvas.

I wondered what her story was.  What could possibly be making her so happy?  Were all her dreams coming true? I didn't think so.  That would be an eyes open, wide smile happiness.  This was a more secret happiness, a from within kind of joy.  Her eyes were closed because she was dreaming, her slight smile was the involuntary side effect of hope.

And that's when I realized that our hopes and dreams make us happy long before they come true.

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