Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Slave To The Muse Manifesto

When I first started working for my muse I had sort of a love/hate relationship with her.  I was grateful for the inspiration and creativity she brought to my life but I also thought she was too demanding, unreliable and confusing.  I wasn't all that sure she liked me either.  I was afraid that being a slave to the muse was going to be the kind of thankless job that the title implied. 

Fortunately I have gotten to know my muse a lot better over the last few years and, perhaps more importantly, have gotten to know her evil twin the anti-muse as well.  I now have a new appreciation and affection for my boss and my job title.  So to define and celebrate what being a Slave To The Muse means to me these days, I created the following Slave To The Muse Manifesto:

I Believe that my muse knows me best and knows better than anyone else what is best for me.

I Believe that what is best for me is also best for those around me.

I Believe that chasing butterflies, pursuing dreams and courting inspiration are sacred responsibilities and should be carried out with gratitude and joy.

I Believe that my muse only shows up when I do and only does her job when I do mine.

I Believe that by doing what the muse tells me I learn what is possible and what I am capable of.

I Believe that good things happen when I put creativity first.

I Believe that trusting my muse is trusting the wisest, kindest parts of myself.

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