Tuesday, October 7, 2014

CAED Day 23: The Art Of Painting (Part 2)

Yesterday was a perfectly lovely but somewhat mundane day.  It wasn't until late evening that I realized that unless I wanted my next blog post to be about "The Art Of Vacuuming" or "The Art Of Heating Up Leftovers In The Microwave", I'd better get busy creating some art.  So my cat Poe and I locked ourselves in our art studio where she supervised my painting of the imperfect butterfly in the photo below:

Wings Of Imperfection - acrylic on canvas

I started out doing this painting specifically for the purposes of this blog.  I wasn't seeking any catharsis or revelation but of course I got both anyway. More importantly, this time when that inevitable, "Why don't I do this more often?" question arrived, I didn't dismiss or excuse or reason with it.  Instead I grabbed another canvas and I captured that thought before it could fly away:

A fleeting thought, captured.

I want to paint more.  MORE, the word jumped out at me.  Not devote my every waking moment to it, not do it every single day, just more than I do now.  More than just when I feel like it or when I can find the time or when I need something to write a blog post about (although that was a great motivator).  I want to paint more - another simple truth liberated from the clutches of my over-thinking, all or nothing, perfectionist anti-muse!

It's going to take some sacrifices, some prioritizing and some rearranging but I'm going to do it.  I'm going to paint more.

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  1. What a sweet butterfly! Far more pleasing than vacuuming or microwaving, right?! : ) Wishing you more time for painting more sweet butterflies or whatever else you fancy, Victoria!