Thursday, October 9, 2014

CAED Day 25: The Art Of Playing With Watercolors

Playful Butterflies

Yesterday I realized that it is not just a lack of time that stands in the way of my painting more often.  There is also a certain amount of courage a blank canvas seems to demand of me, a level of energy and commitment that's not always easy to summon.  Or maybe that's just me, taking things too seriously again.

A Moody Portrait

It's easier for me to remember that art is supposed to be fun when I paint on paper with watercolors.  Everyone plays with watercolors as a kid, right?  I sure did and it still does for me now what it did then: gives that shy, serious girl within me a break from her worries and a way to express herself.

A Fun Mermaid

So yes, art takes courage but it gives it back too.

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