Wednesday, October 8, 2014

CAED Day 24: The Art Of Making Art A Priority

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I spent a lot of time yesterday thinking about how I was going to make time for more painting in my life.  I briefly entertained elaborate schemes like selling all my worldly possessions and renting a tiny cottage somewhere in New Mexico where I would do nothing but eat, sleep and paint (not going to happen).  I contemplated making a significant sacrifice such as completely giving up my HGTV shows (a life without Love It Or List It?  I don't think so.)  I even dreamed of freeing up some time by hiring a maid, a gardener or a pet sitter (even if that was in the budget, I'm still too much of a control freak to hand over those reigns).  Finally I realized that I needed to stop thinking and just go paint.

The perfectionist part of me is always going to want to have a plan, to have everything all figured out before I move forward.  However, the truth here is that all I have to do is move painting way up on my mental list of priorities and let that inform my decisions from now on.  What those decisions will be only time will tell but I trust that they will ultimately make me happier and healthier.  If there is one thing that I have learned these last few years, it's that putting creativity first is always a good idea.

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