Thursday, November 10, 2011

30 Days of Holiday Cards - Day 15: Do Not Unravel Before Christmas

Do Not Unravel Before Christmas - Christmas Queen card
Do Not Unravel Before Christmas - Christmas Queen by Victoreeah

So I am now at the halfway point of this blog project and, as much as I enjoy sharing my cards, thoughts and memories with you each day, a part of me has to wonder, "What was I thinking?"  I mean, did I really need another daily task at this time in my life?  Do you have any idea how long my to do list is this time of year?  Long.  Longer than long. Neverending.  Perpetual.  And why is that, do you ask?

Because I keep adding things to it.  I don't know what is wrong with me but the Holidays seem to bring out my inner over achiever.  I turn the calendar to November and suddenly I am filled with this urge to make more work for myself.  And it's not just that I want to design a million Holiday cards, create hand made Holiday gifts and decorations, find new recipes for Holiday cookies and adorn my house with so many lights that it looks like it belongs on the Las Vegas strip.  I also suddenly want to improve myself and everything around me.  If I ever get around to making Holiday cookies this year I will probably burn them because I will be too busy learning how to speak French or replacing the tile in my bathroom.

Eventually, I know my sanity will return, most likely after some kind of meltdown over a tragic wrapping paper shortage or glitter glue mishap.  I will slowly come to realize that I can't do everything and that nothing and no one is perfect.   Then I will allow myself to open the bottle of wine I was saving for when everything on my wretched to do list was crossed off and raise a glass in honor of all I have managed to accomplish this year, savoring the knowledge that it was enough.

And that is how I will keep myself from "Unraveling Before Christmas".  How about you?

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