Tuesday, November 1, 2011

30 Days of Holiday Cards - Day 6: Hippie's Happy Christmas Tree

Hippie's Happy Christmas Tree card

Today I am featuring the "Hippie's Happy Christmas Tree" Card from Hippie's Shop, a Zazzle shop that my Husband Hippie and I work on together.  Sometimes he comes up with specific ideas for designs and other times I am just inspired by something he does or says or just who he is.

The day I first created this drawing, I was trying to decide what kind of Christmas Tree I wanted that year.  We had been using a very old, sad artificial tree for years and it was time to consider other options.  So I asked Hippie, "If you could have any kind of Christmas tree, what would it be?"

Before I finished asking the question, I had a strong suspicion what his answer might be.  We have been married more than 13 years now and have lived together in two homes and every time any kind of decorating issue comes up, we always have the same conversation.  For example, when I was deciding what color to paint the kitchen walls, I said to him, "I think I might paint the kitchen walls yellow, what do you think?"  And my husband, who in addition to being a Hippie is also an avid fan of the Oakland Raiders (whose colors are silver and black) , replied, "I think we should paint them silver and black."  To which I cheerfully declared, "Okay, yellow it is!"

Then there was the time when we were looking at floor tile in the home improvement store and I said, "I just don't see anything I like."  And he said, "That's because they don't have anything in silver and black." 

You get the picture.

So imagine my surprise when, after being asked what kind of Christmas Tree he would like, Mr. Raider Nation Hippie replied, "Oh, I don't know, A happy one, I guess."

And I was so pleased with and inspired by his answer that I decided to create Hippie's Happy Christmas Tree right then and there.

Hippie's Happy Christmas Tree
Hippie's Happy Christmas Tree by kchippie
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