Thursday, November 17, 2011

30 Days of Holiday Cards - Day 21: All I Want For Christmas

Wine Diva's
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Today's card is the Wine Diva's "Just The Wine" Fabulous Christmas card from Wine Diva's Fabulous Christmas Shop.  On the front is the Wine Diva in her fabulous Santa hat and it says, "I Don't Need A Man To Bring Me Jewelry, Candy and Fine Wine At Christmas Time To Know How FABULOUS I am", inside it reads, "Just The Wine Will Do.  Have A Fabulous Holiday!" (All text fields customizable).

Hippie is always joking about what a cheap date I am.  He asked me what I wanted for Valentine's Day this year and I said 5 dollars and a trip to the local thrift store.  We had a "who can find the strangest item" contest and I also found some unbelievable bargains, best Valentine's Day ever!

Barring that example, in my opinion I am not a cheap date at all.  In fact, I consider myself very high maintenance when it comes to holiday gifts.  I'm not going to be happy with some generic, run of the mill sparkly thing anyone can buy at the nearest shopping mall, no matter how much money it cost.  Call me a Diva, but I want something personal, something that is unique to who I am, something that says, "I get you."  Believe me, that doesn't come cheap.  That's going to cost someone some time, thought and creativity.  But you know what?  I'm worth it.

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