Monday, November 7, 2011

30 Days of Holiday Cards - Day 12: Sparkle Cat, Behind The Cuteness

Today's card is my "Sparkle Cat" Holiday card.  It features my cat Bart on the front with the words, "The Holidays Are Here" and inside it reads, "It's Time To Sparkle".

Bart certainly knows how to sparkle and shine.  He is the most photogenic of my cats and is featured on many popular cards and gifts.   Bart's admiring public looks at him and sees only his cuteness; his big eyes, his little freckled nose.  What they don't know is what he is like away from the camera and they may be shocked by what I am about to reveal.

Sad to say, success has very much spoiled Bart.  He has become increasingly more bossy and demanding.  If I am even the slightest bit late feeding him his dinner I am loudly reprimanded.  His ego knows no bounds.  He acts as if the entire house and everyone living in it exists solely for him and he has claimed all the furniture as his own.  His attitude is often aloof and superior but he expects me to be available at all times in case he requires care or affection.

In other words, he is a cat (and he really is very cute and very sweet, when he wants to be)

Sparkle Cat Holiday
Sparkle Cat Holiday by Victoreeah
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