Wednesday, November 2, 2011

30 Days of Holiday Cards - Day 7: Sending Light

Today I am featuring my "Sending Light" Holiday art card.  This is another holiday card that I have sent to my own friends and family. 

I live some distance away from most of my family and many of my friends so I often get homesick during the holidays. I think this digital painting was probably born out of my wish to be able to send myself or some part of myself along with each card.  I wanted this card to be more than just a Holiday hello, for it to somehow send the love, light & laughter I wish I could share in person.

Of course no card can really do that.  But along with some phone conversations and great memories, I think it helped me feel less far away from everyone.  I hope it has done the same for those who have purchased it and sent it to their own loved ones.

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