Friday, December 12, 2014

My Top Ten Posts Of 2014 #7: Creative Decluttering

I successfully decluttered my art studio and guest room this year.

My seventh most popular post this year was
Creative Decluttering.  It was also the very first post I wrote this year which isn't surprising because getting rid of clutter was a big part of my life this year and I am still working on it.

Some people might think that people who struggle with clutter in their lives are just materialistic or lazy but there is usually a much deeper reason behind it.  For me I think clutter was the result of my not having clearly defined goals for myself.

I should explain that for most of my life I have been seeking and trying out a variety of possibilities for myself which I don't regret at all because I learned many valuable lessons from that.  However, towards the end of 2013 something shifted for me.  I started to get a clearer vision of the life I wanted and the person I wanted to be and that has motivated me to finally get rid of the clutter in my life.  Believe me it is so much easier to make decisions about what you don't want anymore once you have figured out what you do want.

I'm looking forward to tackling even more decluttering projects in 2015.

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  1. I look forward to you continuing to share your inspiring decluttering accomplishments, Victoria. I'm on a similar stretch of my own path, stepping into who I really want to be & what I really want to do & needing to shed the weightiness of what has become clutter.

    1. Thanks, Lisa. It is wonderful to let go of that weightiness. Good luck on your decluttering journey. :)