Monday, December 22, 2014

My Art: It's A Wonder Full Life

"It's A Wonder Full Life" acrylic painting on 11X14 canvas.

A few weeks ago I made the executive decision that I wasn't going to send out Holiday cards this year. It was a tough choice for me because I love designing and sending out cards but I had already put it off for too long and just wasn't feeling inspired to create anything for it.  I knew it would just be a huge relief to cross it off my list, so I gave myself that gift and concentrated on getting my other holiday tasks done instead.

Not long after that I managed to carve out a little time between tasks for painting.  My plan was to just start something, maybe spend an hour on it and then get back to other things but my muse had other ideas.  I worked on the painting on and off for a couple of days and when I was finished I realized that it was the perfect image for my Holiday card.

It's A Wonder Full Life Painting By Victoria Lynn Hall

I know this image doesn't exactly scream Happy Holidays (although it does coordinate with our tree decorations quite nicely) but I feel it does a great job of representing all of the wonder and joy I have found in my life, in my work and in myself this year and of course Hippie really likes it too.  We really do have such a wonder full life and we feel very blessed and grateful.

So that is how I came to send out Holiday cards this year after all and I couldn't be happier about it.  In fact, I would love to send you a postcard with this image.  If you haven't already, just click here to join my mailing list and I will send your Holiday postcard as soon as I can.

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