Thursday, December 18, 2014

My Top Ten Posts Of 2014 #3: The Art Of Using A Staple Gun

These chairs are my favorite staple gun project of 2014

The second runner up on my top ten blog posts of 2014 is "The Art Of Using A Staple Gun", which also makes it the most popular of all of my Create Art Every Day Posts.  I love that a post that is basically about my failure to learn how to sew and features photos that I wasn't 100% happy with when I posted them made my top three this year.  That just goes to show how wrong my perfectionist anti-muse can be.

Of course you can't tell her that.  My anti-muse is never impressed with my no sew projects.  She thinks everything needs to be expertly finished and look like it belongs in a magazine.  Well, to heck with her because I happen to love my little fabric projects. Here's a few more them:

I made my garden shed curtain panels by just cutting them to length, folding them over a bit and stapling them to that piece of pink trim before attaching it to the wall.  I also used the fabric and my staple gun to cover a chair and make a bulletin board.

I dressed up some inexpensive white lace curtain panels by attaching some cool scarves to them using fusable fabric tape.  I think they look great in my home gallery.

The curtain in my master bathroom is a $3 fabric remnant that I trimmed with scissors and attached to the rod using drapery clips.  It was meant to be a temporary solution but I have yet to find anything I like better.

So if you find a fabric you love, don't let a little thing like being completely inept at sewing keep you from finding a way to use it in your home.  With a little imagination and creativity, anything is possible.

Purple Patina: Mosaic
Purple Patina: Mosaic by Cabagelow
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