Thursday, December 4, 2014

Back To The Drawing Board 2014

I feel very blessed and grateful that all the things I wanted for 2014 came true.

Some people might think it is kind of weird that Hippie and I have a four by eight foot chalkboard on a wall in our living room.  Heck, even I thought it was weird when my muse first proposed it.  But hey, she's the boss so I have to do what she says and I'm so glad that I did.

In fact, I recently came to the conclusion that creating and using this chalkboard was probably the single most important thing I've done for my art in a long while.  The biggest reason for this is that it helped me heal my creative wounds around the practice of drawing. The playful and impermanent nature of drawing with chalk liberated me from my perfectionism and reminded me just how fun art could be.  At the same time the limits of the medium and the vastness of the canvas challenged me to experiment and develop new skills.

All of this has given me more confidence in my abilities and helped me to become more ambitious with my art.  In 2013 I wouldn't have dreamed of attempting anything like The Beatles mural I created in February of this year to honor the 50th anniversary of their appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show, but I think I managed to pull it off.

Ladies and Gentlemen, The Beatles!

Actually, Hippie liked it so much that he didn't want me to ever erase it!

Hippie saving The Beatles. ;)

I decided to let him enjoy it for several months because around that time I was busy creating a chalkboard wall in my art studio.  

Every art studio should have a chalkboard wall!

Having fun with hand lettering.

And I didn't stop there!  I also created a little chalkboard to use as a welcoming sign by the door on our front porch.

A Holiday sign (and a warding off sign) for our front porch.

Eventually, however, I had to come back to the drawing board that started it all.  It truly is the best art teacher I've ever had.

Some falling leaves to bring some of the joys of Autumn indoors.

This year's Holiday mural continues my Three Kings theme

Click here to see my chalkboard murals from 2013.

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