Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Monticello In May

Thomas Jefferson's Monticello on May 1, 2014

In Spring of this year, I actually ventured away from The Cabbage and took a fairly long road trip.  I drove east on I-64, briefly stopping in Kentucky, then spent a couple of days in Virginia before reaching my destination in The Outer Banks of North Carolina.  There I got to witness a beautiful wedding and enjoy time with my family.  It was a wonderful adventure.

Unfortunately, the trip back was a bit challenging and took longer than I expected.  When I finally got home I was so glad to be there and so eager to get back to working on my garden that I didn't give myself much time to reflect on my trip.

Then a couple of days ago I decided to start organizing my photos from this year.  When I came across the photos I took during a brief visit to Thomas Jefferson's Monticello I was astonished to realize I had barely looked at them since hastily uploading them to my computer in my hotel room that night.  I couldn't take pictures inside the house and I didn't have as much time as I would have liked to explore and photograph the grounds but looking at the photos I did take was enough to bring back all my memories of a very lovely morning.

And that is how, on this cold Winter's day, I decided to share with you my visit to Monticello in May:

I love tulips so I considered myself very lucky to be visiting when they were in bloom.

There is nothing like a big, old tree to give you a sense of the history of a place.

I loved these "Blushing Beauty" tulips.

White Tulips at Monticello

How gorgeous are these dark purple tulips? (I wrote down the name of these but can't find my notes!)

Yes, you guessed it, more tulips!  They were breathtaking.

The tall flowers with the dark purple, bell shaped flowers are called "Persian Fritillary" and they are fantastic, especially in combination with these pink tulips.

I really love this combination and hope to mimic it in one of my gardens someday.

One last look back at the path before I go.


  1. Catching up on blog reading...tulips are one of my favorite flowers. Thanks for sharing such lovely photos of them. The Blushing Beauty is especially gorgeous!

    1. Thanks Lisa. Tulips are one of my favorites too. Unfortunately we have a hard time getting them to come back every year here but I keep trying. :)