Friday, December 19, 2014

My Top Ten Posts Of 2014 #2: The Rainbow Walls

The destruction of two things most people want more of: closets and rainbows.

The runner up for my most popular post of 2014 is the story of the creation and destruction of The Rainbow Walls in my art studio.

I had a lot of fun creating my rainbow walls.  The countless hours I spent flinging paint on to them with wild abandon were truly joyful.  Still, I have to say that destroying them was even more fun.  I started with a sledgehammer and some loud heavy metal music.  However, I soon learned that tearing and kicking it down was far more effective (and satisfying) and that some angst ridden Rick Springfield tunes were an even better soundtrack.  Best. Therapy. Ever.  

Seeing all the extra space I had when I was done felt great too.

Sometimes open space is better than closets and rainbows.

And while not as colorful as a rainbow, I think the new chalkboard wall is just as creative and fun.

Even without my rainbow walls there is still plenty of color in my art studio.


  1. So much fun, I love it. Your cat might take up painting its such an inspiration in there! I made myself this month a artroom and the other half of it is my bedroom. I think its pretty but I still sit at my couch a lot in the living room and paint. Some day I will use it. I think I will like it because my table is by the window. Plus the table is next to my bed so I can sit in bed and paint. I must be a cozy (lazy) artist.

    1. Thanks Lacey. I think its a great thing to be able to paint anywhere but making a special place for it is a nice gift to give to ourselves. Keep painting and looking on the bright side. :)