Wednesday, September 10, 2014

CAED Day 7: The Art Of Painting

I had a different post planned for today but then last night I found myself over-thinking some things that were out of my control and I realized that the only way I was going to get out of my head was to paint.  So to spite the fact that it was after midnight and there were DIY shows waiting for me on my DVR and my art studio wasn't perfectly tidy, I did just that.

The next thing I knew it was almost six in the morning and all my worries were gone and the dreams they had been obscuring were ready and waiting to lull me to sleep.

This afternoon when I woke up I had that same thought I often have after a night or day spent painting, "why don't I do that more often?"  However, at the same time I wonder if that would steal the magic away from the experience for me.  Somehow I think that while painting every day would make me a better painter, painting only when I really need to makes me a better, or at least a happier person.  Hopefully someday I will find the time to test that theory.

In the meantime, here's a photo of my mostly finished (I may or may not work on it a little more at some point), latest painting:

"The Dust Of Dreams" Acrylic on 11 x 14 canvas


  1. What a lovely & creative way to respond to restless thoughts. Just glad you were able to catch up on your sleep afterward! : )

    1. Thanks, Lisa. I think I could have used a little more sleep but it was worth it. :)