Tuesday, September 16, 2014

CAED Day 10: The Art Of Joy

Reminding myself that creativity is supposed to be fun!

Every now and then I will find myself taking life too seriously.  My over-thinking, perfectionist, comparison junkie Anti-muse takes over my thoughts and everything around me starts to lose its shine.  I walk around in a cloud of forgetfulness, trying to remember what I'm missing, seeing lack everywhere. Where is it?, I wonder.  Where is this nameless something I used to have that made everything wonderful?  Was it success, approval, achievement, money, medicine, pizza?  No, it can't be, because no amount of those things would ever be enough to make my world sparkle again.

Eventually, thank goodness, something or someone will remind me.  A billboard, the page, the computer screen or a comment from a trusted adviser will offer the magic word that will awaken me from my slumber: joy.

Wise words adapted from the creed of my favorite disciple of the Goddess Cyndi

JOY!  How could I forget?  It all makes sense now.  No wonder I felt so lost and tired!  I was looking in all the wrong places for something I already had within me.  Now all I need to do is dig down through all my fault-finding and self doubt to find it again.

Lucky for me, I have just the tools for that.  My paintbrush is my pickaxe.  Paint is my healing balm.  Alphabet stamps form the words that become incantations to break that gloomy spell I was under.  And there is no magic wand quite as powerful as that of a glitter pen.

Let it shine.

I gather those tools and use them, a little awkwardly at first, slowly surrendering to their power.  Before I know it, Joy is back, fluttering within and around me like a mystical fairy, making everything sparkle like new.

Thank you for reading my blog

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  1. Oh, I sooo relate to what you've shared in today's post, Victoria! I'm happy you have your paintbrush, paint & glitter (& I am happy I have my scissors, paper & glue...I often tuck a glitter heart or other little spot of glitter in my work, too!)

    1. Thanks, Lisa. Good to know I'm not the only one. Happy creating! :)

  2. ti ho appena scoperta e già ti adoro! Leggo le tue parole e tuffo gli occhi tra i tuoi colori sentendomi bene come a casa. forse siamo sorelle... sicuramente siamo sorelle! <3 GRAZIE!!!!
    se vuoi passa a trovarmi qui www.arteamorefantasia.net

    1. Thank you Antonietta. Yes, I can never have too many art sisters. :) Happy creating!