Friday, September 26, 2014

CAED Day 17: The Art Of Morning Pages

I love to write my morning pages out on the deck with a cup of tea

I am always working on a few different creative projects at once.  It can be overwhelming at times to balance all of that and my other daily responsibilities.  Sometimes I'm not sure what the heck I should be working on.  However, there is one creative act which I practice each and every day that helps me gain the clarity I need and that is the writing of morning pages.

Morning pages is a practice that Julia Cameron introduced in her book, "The Artist's Way".  They are three pages of stream of consciousness writing, done first thing in the morning.  I have been doing this off and on for twenty years or so but had never sustained the practice for more than a few weeks until recently.  I believe I have now been writing morning pages as a daily practice for over a year now and it has made a huge difference in my creative work and my life.

Morning pages are private and not to be shared with anyone.  They are not meant to be works of art themselves but many of my ideas have been born there.  They have also helped me solve problems, adjust my attitude, make decisions, break through blocks and discover my own inner wisdom.  All this from just writing down whatever comes to mind!  It is truly amazing.  I highly recommend morning pages for everyone.

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