Monday, April 7, 2014

Art Studio Redo

It has been a long and at times frustrating process but I think I now have the functional and fun art studio space that I always dreamed of. It is the perfect place for me to create and imagine and dream and create some more.  I couldn't be happier.

Before: Closet to the left of the entry took up a lot of space.

After: No more closet, allowing for more light and space.

Before: Again the closet and it's rainbow walls.

After: The New Victorialand with chalkboard wall, work table and sink.

It took me months to find this table but I think it was worth the search.

The biggest change and challenge of this project was adding this sink.  I'm so thrilled to have it!

The cork wall was a fun project.  I'm sure I will be filling it up in no time.

Hippie added casters to my easel so I can work anywhere in the room.

My cat Poe is happy to have her chair back.  Pink is her color.
Note: This was my most popular post of 2014.  Click here to read more about my art studio redo!

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  1. Love the transformation! You've done a beautiful job!

  2. I am SO jealous about the sink. My husband refuses to put one in for me. He says, "Next you'll be wanting a bathroom, and then you'll just bring the bed up and sleep there too".

    1. The sink is a dream come true for me. Hippie is just thrilled to have all of my paint brushes out of the bathroom!

  3. I love, love, love your studio! Functional and beautiful.