Monday, April 21, 2014

Trust The Process

I love it when I get something right on the first try but that only happens when I have no idea what I'm doing. Lucky mistakes, happy accidents – these are my saving graces, my spirit guides, my breakthroughs. Without them everything is too predictable. With them there are doors that open and clouds that part until my way becomes clear.

Practicing hand lettering

In the meantime, I practice, I play and I struggle. The struggle used to annoy me but now I choose to be comforted by it. I choose to remember that on the other side of every struggle I have ever had, there has been a breakthrough.

Playing with markers and glitter pens

It could happen at any time, in a moment of inspiration or a flash of frustration, and then everything will click into place.

Until then, I just need to keep going and trust the process.


  1. By trusting the process, you are also trusting your inner wisdom...your best guide! : ) Wishing you more inspiration & less frustration, Victoria!

    1. Thanks, Lisa. Always appreciate your kind words, support and encouragement. :)