Thursday, March 13, 2014


I have been trying to write this blog post for awhile now. I wanted to tell you about this revelation I had recently that working for my muse is about so much more than producing art; that my muse doesn't just demand paintings from me but also expects me to take advantage of the beauty around and within me every moment of every day and in everything I do.  Does this sound familiar?  No wonder, as I have had this same revelation many times before. It seems this journey I am on keeps leading me out to the wilderness and then taking me back home to the same realizations again and again. I suppose this is how all well worn paths are made.

Still, I can't help but ask myself, why am I so forgetful? Why do these simple truths keep eluding me? The answer is I don't forget, I doubt.  And the truth doesn't elude me, I elude it.  I elude the truth when I listen to other peoples' advice or opinions instead of my own inner voice. I elude the truth when I listen to that ever present mantra of my ego (aka the anti-muse): Not Enough.

Yes, somehow the notion of Not Enough validation, approval, recognition, support, organization, salty snacks, glitter glue or any number of things I don't really need becomes a reason to doubt everything I know and not move forward. How ridiculous is that?

Fortunately I have my muse to nag me and lead me back to the task in front of me. Only then, as I stand fully in the moment I'm in and do the work I really want to do, do I remember that everything I am and everything I have is exactly enough.

That's a nice truth to come home to. Hopefully, I can stay in it a little longer this time.

Note: Thank you readers for making this my fourth most popular post of 2014.  Click here to read more of my thoughts on being Enough.

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