Monday, November 29, 2021

A Collage for George

 I generally don't like to dwell on the anniversary of someone's death but having just spent the last few days watching and re-watching The Beatles Get Back documentary, George Harrison has been on my mind even more than usual and today marking 20 years since he left us seems poignant to me.

I remember that day 20 years ago very clearly.  It was not a good day to begin with and then when I heard the news...I was a mess.  But I'm not a mess today, at least not in the same way I was then.  I am much more at peace with myself these days and I realized that I have George to thank for much of the peace in my heart.

The Beatles all went through several stages of their careers, the early Beatles, the later Beatles, the solo careers and their various other projects... and John and George have lived on through posthumous releases and remembrances and their enduring bodies of work.  And all four of them have been with me through all the stages of my life since I was 10 years old.

These last 20 years, just as in the 22 years before them, George has been with me through his music and his words, his faith strengthening my faith, his seeking inspiring my search.  I even had a dream about him not long ago that gave me such peace, I turn to the memory of it whenever I'm in need of comfort.

Of course, I didn't know the "real" George and I can't imagine the pain that those who did felt when he died.  But today I just feel like he is very much still here and I'm grateful for that and for all he was while he was living.

Here's my collage for George, with sources listed below it,  Feel free to share it but I hope you will credit me, Victoria Lynn Hall, and link to this page.  Thank you:

Thank You George - Victoria Lynn Hall

George Photo by Richard Avedon

Sky Photo by Ritam Baishya - Unsplash

Flower Heart & Hands by Amy Shamblen - Unsplash

Foilage by Kittichai Songprakob | Dreamstime

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