Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Truth Collage

There's a lot of talk going around about what the truth really is these days.  I won't get political on you here but in my experience of discussing political topics with others I often find that it is hard to get people to accept truths about problems for which there is no easy answer.  Many things I know to be true are things I wish were false, so I completely understand the reluctance of people not to accept them.  The problem with that is that it makes them susceptible to pretty lies which I believe make things worse for everyone, if not in the short run then definitely in the long run.

In our personal lives too, there are a lot of problems we would rather not face because we don't see a solution.  However, in my experience, if we can find the courage to face the truth, the solution often emerges - maybe not immediately or all at once, but over time we gain the clarity we need when we are willing to see things for what they are.

You can't trust or believe in anyone who lies to you, even when that someone is you.  The truth begins with being true to ourselves.

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Knowing the truth starts with finding the courage to be honest with ourselves.
- Victoria Lynn Hall

Stock Photo credits:

Woman looking in mirror by NIKITA SHIROKOV

Green leafed plants by stephen packwood

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