Thursday, March 10, 2016

5 Reasons To Not Make Art

Make Something

There are more than a million wonderful reasons for me to make art.  Number one would be that I really enjoy doing it.  And yet somehow I still manage to find a handful of ridiculous reasons to not do it.

Here are five examples of that ridiculousness and how sometimes I am able to overcome it.

1. I Can't Make Art Because Conditions Aren't Perfect

My Options (Dry Erase Board Available Here)

For me "conditions aren't perfect" usually means my art studio is a mess.  Perhaps for you it might mean that you don't have an art studio or you think yours isn't big enough or pretty enough or whatever.

There are two simple solutions to this: fix it or get over it.  I suggest the latter because it's quicker.  Believe me, I have spent years renovating, reorganizing and redecorating my studio and it hasn't made me a better or more prolific artist.  In fact, when I allow myself to embrace it, I find chaotic surroundings can be very conducive to creativity.

So when this excuse pops up I try to remind myself of that or just spend the ten lousy minutes it takes to tidy things up a bit.

Problem solved.  Next...

2. I Can't Make Art Because I Have Too Many (Or Not Enough) Ideas

My Beloved Idea Notebook

I get a lot of ideas.  I'm pretty good at writing them down but that's as far as it gets sometimes.  I tell myself that I'm overwhelmed, that I don't know which one to choose or where to start - blah, blah, blah, yadda, yadda, yadda...

But here's the truth: when I have a good idea, I mean a really good idea, I usually can't stop myself from pursuing it.

Oh, and guess when these fabulous ideas tend to occur to me.  That's right, when I'm making art.

Enough said. Next...

3. I Can't Make Art Because I Have More "Important" Things To Do


Note to self: Unless there is some kind of emergency or a Rick Springfield concert, nothing is more important than making art.


4. I Can't Make Art Because I Don't Feel Like It

"Art? You just do it."- Martin Ritt

I have this problem with exercise too, which is understandable because I hate exercise.  However, I'm probably more disciplined at making myself do it precisely because I never expect to feel like it.  I do this by just planting my feet on my yoga mat and not allowing myself to focus on anything other than my first move.

So when I don't feel like doing the thing I love to do, I try to remember to treat it like the thing I hate to do by just planting my feet in front of my easel and focusing on that first brush stroke.

Or I procrastinate, speaking of which...

5. I Can't Make Art Because The Internet

There are a lot of fun, creative and worthwhile things to do on the internet (like blogging, for instance).  However, when I find myself spending an inordinate amount of time searching for photos of cat tee-pees on Pinterest, it may be a sign that I am procrastinating on making art.

I hear you saying, "But Victoria, cats in tee-pees!  How can you tear your eyes away?"

It's extremely difficult but if I can just muster the strength and courage I need to click onto my I Believe In Art Pinterest board, I am often motivated to take my own advice and just go make some freaking art already.

Which is what I'm going to do just as soon as I finish this post, and so should you!

Happy creating!


  1. Love this! Your photography is great, too!

  2. Perfect! I totally relate to this because some days cleaning toilets seems more important then getting into my studio. I finally learned to recognize that fear trying to distract me.

    1. Thanks Aprille! It's funny how we can convince ourselves that if we devote time to art first we will never have time for anything else, isn't it? We can always clean our toilets while we're waiting for a layer of paint to dry.

  3. Loved reading your article. Such fun to read and very inspiring! After many, many years (I even taught art once upon a time) I went to an evening painting party. Everyone created basically the same thing but sitting in the midst of happy ladies it was a good way to start. Then here at home I finally picked up my coloured markers and just sat down and started... I started with a line, or a series of dots. Then I allowed whatever wanted to be revealed, to rise out of the paper. Not perfect... but fun. And SO SO relaxing!

    1. Thanks Alicja, sounds like you are doing a great job of reclaiming your artist self. Happy creating!