Thursday, January 16, 2014

Creative Decluttering

The Clutter Of Decluttering In My Art Studio

Remember my muse? You know, the Endora look alike witch who is always telling me to do art and not dishes? Well, she has actually been giving me a hard time about my house lately. She sees how the current state of it is getting in the way of my creative process and she doesn't like it. She says the clutter has to go. She wants me to simplify things so I am not always concerned so much with my environment and I can focus more on my art.

That's easy for her to say. When she wants to clean her house all she has to do is cast a spell. I tell her I've been working on that nose wiggling thing but it just isn't happening for me. She says I need to give up on that. That is someone else's magic. That's right, I remember now, my magic is creativity. So how do I use that to declutter and organize my house?

I suppose like with all of my creations the work starts in my imagination. I gather my thoughts and information and combine that with dreams and inspiration from my muses and before I know it I have a vision of what could be. I see in my mind's eye what I want a room to look like and how I want it to function, I imagine how that would make me feel. Then it's time to act to make that vision a reality, eliminating what doesn't belong in it, adjusting what does and finally adding what's missing. Along the way I'll most likely face obstacles and challenges. My vision will guide me through those and keep me motivated but I'm not chained to it.  There will be concessions, adjustments and, if I'm lucky, happy accidents. In the end, what I create may differ from my initial vision but that's okay, it did it's job, it got me to do the work.

Hopefully when I'm finished, I'll have a space that I love and that my muse approves of and then I can get back to painting or whatever that wicked woman has planned for me next.

Until then, Happy Creating!


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  1. I liked reading this article, Victoria! At least your clutter is pretty! I know this feeling you speak of.

  2. Oh, I can so relate, Victoria! I, too, visualize a decluttered, reorganized, recreated space before diving in. I've been trying to tackle one shelf, one drawer, one box, one pile at a time to slowly, but surely rid myself of this claustrophobic feeling. Wishing you motivation, enjoyment & liberation as you creatively declutter!

    1. Thank you, Lisa. Yes, as impatient as I am to get it done, I think that slow and sure is the best way. Wishing all those wishes right back at you! :)

  3. On my way to doing the same thing. Part of it's been using things up and completing projects, some is going to be finding new homes for things I know I won't use. Oi vey!

    1. Hi Elizabeth. It can be a daunting task but also a rewarding one. Happy decluttering! :)